Week 12: English Tales; Story B

Johnny-Cake  By: Joseph Jacobs  Link
There once was an old man and an old woman. The old woman made a cake and put it in the own to bake. She told her son, "I put a Johnny-Cake in the oven. Watch it while we go out to the garden to work." The son watched the cake for a bit but then stopped. He heard a noise come from the kitchen and saw the cake jump out of the oven. He tried to race after it but was too slow. The Johnny-Cake was out side and the old man and old woman raced after it too but they were also too slow. 
Johnny-Cake came up to some miners. He told them that he beat and old man, old woman, a young boy and he could be them too. So they chase after him but lost the race as well. 
Johnny-Cake came up to some ditch workers. He told them that he could beat them in a race. They chased after him and he had beat them. 
Johnny-Cake came up to a bear and said he would race him. the bear chased after Johnny-Cake. He soon started falling behind. The bear stopped to take a br…

Week 12: English Tales; Story A

The Three Little Pigs  By: Joseph Jacobs  Link

Week 11 Story; How the Fish Got Its Color

How the Fish Got Their Brown/Green Scales 
This story was taken from How the Bluebird and Coyote Got Their Colors by Katharine Berry Judson. In the story the Bluebird bathes in the blue waters. When the Coyote tries it he also turns blue, however he falls into the dirt and becomes the color he is known for today. This story can be found at Link.

There once was a pond that had no source of water flowing in or out of it. It was known for its special powers that if an organism bathed in it for four times a day for four days straight, it would turn it a beautiful blue color. When Coyote was creating the creatures of the earth, he created a fish that was red in color. When the fish was introduced to the water he soon started turning a pretty blue color.

As the fish bathed in the water he would sing a special song.

"I swim through the waters.

I bath in the waters.

I pray for the blue scales

Im beautiful in nature. "

On the fourth day the fish completely blue! One day a huge rainsto…

Week 11: Native American B

How Bluebird and Coyote Got Their Color  By Katharine Berry Judson Link

There once was little bird that was grey in color. He would fly high over the sky and look down on the land. He knew where a lake was that no water flowed in or out. He would go down and bath in the lake. He decided he was going to bath 4 times every morning for 4 mornings straight. He would sing, "There is a blue water. It lies there. I went in. I am blue." On the fourth day when the bird came out of the water, his feathers were all blue.
Meanwhile Coyote noticed that Bluebird's feathers were now blue and beautiful. "How did you get to be like this?", asked the Coyote. Bluebird told him to go bath in the water and sing the song. Four days later Coyote came out of the water with blue fur all over. 
A few days had passed and Coyote was walking down a trail in the desert. He wasn't paying attention and walked off the trail and fell over a rock into the dirt. His blue fur was now covered in…

Week 11: Southwest and California Legends; Part A

Creation of Man  By: Katharine Berry Judson Link

After Coyote created all the beings on earth, he gathered a council of animals and said that he was going to create a new creature called humans. Lion, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, and Mouse sat on the ground in a circle like Indians do. Coyote asked them how they would imagine humans to be. Lion said they need a loud voice like him. The bears said he needs to be furry like them. Mouse said they shall be small and quite to live on the lands. 
After discussing with other animals around them, a quarrel broke out between all the animals. They all began working on creating humans out of mud the way they wanted them to be, 
Coyote was upset that all the animals pictured humans to be just like them and did not consider them to be their own being. So when all the animals stopped working for the night he went out and purred water on all their mud creatures to mess them up. He worked all night to create humans the way he intend in the first place. …

Week 10: Native American Story

The Boys Who Raced for a Girls Friendship 
This story comes from The Crane and The Hummingbird by James Mooney. In the story a hummingbird and crane race around the world to marry a young woman. The crane beats the hummingbird but the woman doesn't want to marry an ugly bird. The original story can be found at Link

There once was a young girl who always played on the monkey bars on the playground. Her best friends were Joey and Mike and they loved to play with her. One day Joey asked the girl if he could be her best friend. She really did like Mike more but she wanted to be fair to her two friends. She told them that they could race all the way around the playground and the winner could be her best friend. She said the winner is the one who can be at the monkey bars first. 
The boys agreed and got ready to run as fast as they could. Mike could run faster for short period of time and Joey could run a further distance without stopping. The girl put her hand in the air and said &q…

Week 10 Native American Cherokee Story B

The Crane and The Hummingbird by James Mooney

There once was a hummingbird and a crane who both loved a young woman. The young woman liked the hummingbird more, however the crane was very persistent. The young woman decided they shall fight for her. She told the Hummingbird and Crane that they must fly around the world and the one who returns back to her, she will marry.

The young woman knew deep in her mind that the hummingbird would win because he is light and fast. However, there was one thing the young woman did not think about! She missed the fact that the crane could fly all night long unlike the hummingbird.

So at the break of dawn both the hummingbird and crane took off on their journey and traveled around the world. The Hummingbird took off and was soon out of sight of the Crane. When night came the Hummingbird stopped to rest but, the crane kept flying through the night. The next morning the hummingbird took off on his journey and saw the crane stopped eating at a pon…