Week 6 Story: The Milk-Giving Serpent

There once was a farmer who had land that was not producing like it should be due to drought and the farmer's family was going hungry. He was walking along a dirt path on the back of his land where he got too hot to walk. He sat down beside a tree to rest for many hours. When he woke, he saw a serpent pit and walked up to it. "You must be the protector of my land," said the farmer. "I will offer you a gift in return if you help my land" he stated. The man went home and looked for something special to give to the serpent. He took a bowl filled it with gold coins and took it to the serpent.

The serpent came out of his pit to see what the man had brought him. He looked at the bowl of gold and gave the man a pitcher of milk. The man took the pitcher home and showed his family what he had got. He did this for three days and brought home many pitchers of milk.

The farmer then decided if he took his son with him and thought he would be bale to carry back more pitcher…

Reading Notes: The Gold-Giving Serpent ; Part B

Title: The God-Giving Serpent

There once was a farmer that was going poor due to the land not giving back. One day it was really hot and he took a nap beside a tree. A snake came out of an ant hill and the man thought to himself, "This must be the guardian of the land. I will worship him so that the land can pay me back." The man took a bowl of milk to the the hole and the snake came out. The snake left gold by the bowl.

The next day the man went with his son to take another bowl of milk to the snake. when the snake came out the son hit the snake on the head trying to kill it to collect the gold in the snake's hole. The snake came back and bit the boy and he died. The man had a funeral for his son and put his ashes near the land.

The next day the man went back to give some milk to the snake. The snake gave the man a peal and told him, 'Tis greed that brings you here, and makes you eve…

Reading Notes: The Broken Pot- Part A

Title: The Broken Pot

There once was seven brother and a sister. The brothers were married, but the sister did all the cooking at the home. The wives did not like her because she got all the glory at home, yet she does not work and the meals were not on time. The sisters called their Bonga and told him, "At midday when our sister-in-law goes to get water, make it to where the the water in the pitcher vanish and slowly appears. Keep the maiden as your own."

When the maiden went to collect the water she saw it vanish. She began to weep. The water slowly started to rise until it reached her ankles. She called out to her brothers. "Oh! My brother, the water reaches my ankles, Still, Oh! My brother, the pitcher will not dip."

The water continued all the way up over her head as she cried out, "Oh! My brother, the water reaches my ankles, Still, Oh! My brother, the pitcher will not dip." …

Reading Notes: Arabian Nights Unit ; Part B

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
The once was a very poor boy named Aladdin who's dad had passed and he lives with his mother. A magician came up to Aladdin and tricked him into going in a cave to gather riches. Aladdin went in and gathered jews, fruits and a lamp. He took the lamp him to his mother and gave it to her to make her wealthy. Trying to clean the lamp, Aladdin rubbed the lamp and an ugly genie came out and asked how could please Aladdin. Aladdin told the genie to fetch him some food. The genie came back with lots of food on patters and plates. Aladdin sat down with his mother and ate all day long. He then begin to sell the plates to pay his mother. 
The next day the sultan told everyone to look away for the day for his daughter was going to bath. Aladdin went out and watch the princess to see what her face looked like. By doing this he saw her face and instantly fell in love with her. He asked the genie to bring the princess to him every night so that he could be with he…

Reading notes: Arabian Nights; Part A

The story starts out as Scheherazade talking to her dad and telling him about her plan to stop the practice of the Sultan's! Her father says it is a great idea but ask how she would do it. She tells him that she would become his wife! Her dad begs her no for death will come over her and himself. She is with her sister and the Sultan and begins to tell The Story of the Merchant and the Genius.

The story begins with a wealthy man that takes a journey by horse. On his four day of the journey he stopped and had a meal. A man came up and told him that he was gong to kill hi for killing his son. The merchant asked the man "How would I  kill your son if I don't know him?" The man said as he was eating and throwing stones, a stone hit his son in the eye and killed him. The merchant and the Genius continue to argue. More people joined and the man said he must kill him and the others wept.

In the story of the first old man and of the hind a man adopted his slave son. His wife …

Storybook Plan

For my storybook I plan on telling some of the Choctaw Nation supernatural legends. I plan on including stories of the Sinto-Holo, Shampe, and Nalusa Falaya. If there is time I might try to pull one more story in with these. These are all supernatural beings that I was raised on believing from my grandparents. Since storytelling is very important to my heritage, I thought it would be cool to include them in my story book. I will tell the stories just the way I was told them for the first time.  I plan on using as my base research website, however a lot of my stories I tell are stories that were verbally passed on from ancestors. Native storytelling is a key part of the history of my tribe and to the history of Oklahoma! Im really excited to share my heritage with you guys.

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