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Week 11: Southwest and California Legends; Part A

Creation of Man  By: Katharine Berry Judson Link

After Coyote created all the beings on earth, he gathered a council of animals and said that he was going to create a new creature called humans. Lion, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, and Mouse sat on the ground in a circle like Indians do. Coyote asked them how they would imagine humans to be. Lion said they need a loud voice like him. The bears said he needs to be furry like them. Mouse said they shall be small and quite to live on the lands. 
After discussing with other animals around them, a quarrel broke out between all the animals. They all began working on creating humans out of mud the way they wanted them to be, 
Coyote was upset that all the animals pictured humans to be just like them and did not consider them to be their own being. So when all the animals stopped working for the night he went out and purred water on all their mud creatures to mess them up. He worked all night to create humans the way he intend in the first place. …

Week 10: Native American Story

The Boys Who Raced for a Girls Friendship 
This story comes from The Crane and The Hummingbird by James Mooney. In the story a hummingbird and crane race around the world to marry a young woman. The crane beats the hummingbird but the woman doesn't want to marry an ugly bird. The original story can be found at Link

There once was a young girl who always played on the monkey bars on the playground. Her best friends were Joey and Mike and they loved to play with her. One day Joey asked the girl if he could be her best friend. She really did like Mike more but she wanted to be fair to her two friends. She told them that they could race all the way around the playground and the winner could be her best friend. She said the winner is the one who can be at the monkey bars first. 
The boys agreed and got ready to run as fast as they could. Mike could run faster for short period of time and Joey could run a further distance without stopping. The girl put her hand in the air and said &q…

Week 10 Native American Cherokee Story B

The Crane and The Hummingbird by James Mooney

There once was a hummingbird and a crane who both loved a young woman. The young woman liked the hummingbird more, however the crane was very persistent. The young woman decided they shall fight for her. She told the Hummingbird and Crane that they must fly around the world and the one who returns back to her, she will marry.

The young woman knew deep in her mind that the hummingbird would win because he is light and fast. However, there was one thing the young woman did not think about! She missed the fact that the crane could fly all night long unlike the hummingbird.

So at the break of dawn both the hummingbird and crane took off on their journey and traveled around the world. The Hummingbird took off and was soon out of sight of the Crane. When night came the Hummingbird stopped to rest but, the crane kept flying through the night. The next morning the hummingbird took off on his journey and saw the crane stopped eating at a pon…

Week 10: Native American Cherokee Story A

Why the Possum’s Tail is Bare by James Mooney

The Possum had a long, bushy, and beautiful tail! He was so proud of his tail that he would sing and dance every morning to give thanks for the tail he was given. Rabbit was very jealous of Possums tail because he had no tail. This is when Rabbit decided he was going to play a trip on Possum. There was going to be a community dance and celebration and it was Rabbits job to tell everyone about it. So Rabbit went out to everyone and made sure he asked if Possum would attend the dance. Possum said he would attend because he wanted everyone to see his beautiful tail.

There was also Cricket who was the town barber because he could cut very close to the skin. Rabbit gave orders to Cricket to fix his hair a special way for the community dance. So Cricket went to Possum’s house and began to cut his hair. Possum’s eyes were closed while Cricket cut so he couldn’t tail how shot he was putting his hair. Cricket wrapped a red string around Possu…

Week 9 Story: The Story of How the Hail is Made

This story was taken From The story of Lightening and Thunder. The story explains how Lightening goes around and causes destruction and his mother, Thunder, yells at him to stop.

Original story is titled “The story of Lightening and Thunder” by Elphinstone Dayrell. The story can be found at Link.

The Story of How Hail is Made 
There once was a Thunder, a sheep that lived in the land. Her son Ram was named Lightening and had a terrible temper. They both lived near a town with tons of people and would travel their often. When Lightening would get angry he would destroy the land and cause fires that destroyed the town. His mother would try her best and tell him to stop! However, sometimes he would continue being angry and strike fire to scare everyone. His mother would yell, “STOP! STOP! STOP!”

The king was getting worried about his town and moved the Lightening and Thunder away from the town, this way Lightening could not cause much damage. Lightening would still get angry and cause fir…

Week 9: Reading Notes: Nigeria Part B

The story of Lightening and Thunder 
By: Elphinstone Dayrell

There once was Thunder, a sheep that lived with her son. Her son was named Lightening, a ram that had a terrible temper. Thunder and Lightening lived on earth with everyone else. When Lightening got mad, we would cause a lot of damage to the town, setting things on fire and even killing some people. His mother would always yell at him and tell him to stop.

One day the king got tired of lightening and thunder and moved them to the outside of the town. Thunder would still get mad and go on rampages. Setting the fields on fire that would even spread back into the town. The people in the town got fed up with thunder and lightening and the king moved them into the sky so they wouldn’t cause that much harm and destruction.

Ever since they were moved, when the lightening gets anger you can still here his mother get on to him telling him to stop. Sometime…

Week 9 Reefing Notes: Nigeria Part A

There once was a hawk that flew high in the sky. He made huge circles and used his sharp eyes to look for food. His sight was so good that nothing could escape his vision.

One day he was flying high above the ground when he spotted a beautiful hen walking along the ground. He landed on a fence post to get a better look at the hen. The hen had beautiful feathers and the hawk wanted to make her his wife. So the hawk flew down to talk to the hen's parents and asked them for her hand in marriage. They agreed but only if they payed them in corn. So that is what he did. He took the hen off to his home to live with happily.

A few months went by and along came a cock who strutted along the road. When his spurs grew out he decided that he was going to make the hen his wife. The cock found out where the hen was living and went to visit her. Outside of her home, he strutted and crowed. The hen fell in love with the cock and ran away with him back home.

The hawk got very angry at this. So he …

Week 8 Progress

1) Looking back I really enjoyed the progress that I have made with the assignments! I try to get the weeks work done at the beginning of the week and wrap up with the project the weekend that it is due! By splitting it up it has helped me stay on track with my other classes as well.

2) On some of my slower weeks I am going to try to double up on the assignments to finish early! In my project I am going to wrap it up and let my grandparents read it to make sure I have the stories right!

Week 8 Comments and Feedback

1) Overall The comments I have got back on my post has helped me create better post! It lets me know what the other people in the class are looking for and what they want to read!

2) I think the quality of my comments are pretty good! I can tell I slack off when it gets late! (Im trying to improve there!)

3) By stating people name in the comments, it has let me put names to post and blogs! It really has helped and I feel like we're in the real class.

4) Moving forward I hope to work ahead and finish this classs early! I want to leave more detailed comments on peoples post as well!

Week 8 Reading and Writing

Over all I really have enjoyed the assignments! They're not too difficult, just time consuming! (Which is fine! haha) Im happy with both my blog and website so far! When I get to the end I'm sure I will tweak it a little. My favorite reading so far has been The Milk-Giving Serpent! It was a quick read and had a good message behind it! I hope to write more detailed post and give more detailed comments on other people's post! I also plan on trying to get a head to wrap this class up faster so I can focus on my other classes!