Week 9 Story: The Story of How the Hail is Made

This story was taken From The story of Lightening and Thunder. The story explains how Lightening goes around and causes destruction and his mother, Thunder, yells at him to stop.

Original story is titled “The story of Lightening and Thunder” by Elphinstone Dayrell. The story can be found at Link.

The Story of How Hail is Made 

There once was a Thunder, a sheep that lived in the land. Her son Ram was named Lightening and had a terrible temper. They both lived near a town with tons of people and would travel their often. When Lightening would get angry he would destroy the land and cause fires that destroyed the town. His mother would try her best and tell him to stop! However, sometimes he would continue being angry and strike fire to scare everyone. His mother would yell, “STOP! STOP! STOP!”

The king was getting worried about his town and moved the Lightening and Thunder away from the town, this way Lightening could not cause much damage. Lightening would still get angry and cause fires that threatened the town. His mother continued her best to get him to stop by yelling at him.

So the king moved them again and told them they must live in the sky so that they don’t damage the town.This did not stop Lightening from being angry. He would now strike fire throughout the sky to scare people. The fire would even make its way down to the ground to catch fire. Even now and then when Thunder and Lightening travel to the town you can still her Thunder yell at her angry son. Sometimes she stands up very tall into the sky. She gets so angry tears fall from her eyes. Since she is up so high where it is cold, her tears freeze as they fall to the ground. This is how hail is made when Lightening is so angry.


  1. Hi Hunter!

    I really like how you gave a sort of origin story for the phenomena of thunder and lightning as well as gave them a more physical forms as Rams. I also like how it ties in to how thunder and lightning by having the fire be where the lightning strikes, while the yelling mother representing the crash of thunder. Overall, a very clever retelling and a great job!

  2. Hi Hunter,
    As a meteorology minor, I am over the moon for this story. I do appreciate how you gave them physical characteristics. Something that may kill me if I didn't tell you is there no "e" in "lightning". I also think this story is adorable because it is so whimsical and has character within the story even though it is short. It doesn't need scientific meaning behind it regardless of how much I want it to. I think you did a really good job here and I really enjoy the story.

  3. Hey Hunter!

    Wonderful story! I love these kind of origin stories for phenomenon and I think that your explanation of hail is great! I haven't had the pleasure of reading the original story, but I feel that this rendition is still a good standalone story. Personified characters of natural forces are always really fun to read and I like both Lightning and Thunder as these kinds of characters. Nice retelling!

  4. Hi Hunter,

    This is one of the shorter stories that I have read, but it was so good. Great job on the creativity to come up with this story line. I like how essentially the hail is the mother's tears. It makes the story have an emotional angle to it. The only thing I have to say is that you should proofread the story as I found a few typos in the story. Overall, great job on this story! I enjoyed getting to read it.


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